Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homemade Peanut Butter

We make a lot of food from scratch, however, peanut butter is not one of them, that's even a little far for me.  We bought peanuts the other day and mistakenly we got these heart healthy low salt roasted peanuts instead of the yummy salted ones.  They were awful and I give credit to anyone who can eat those and say they enjoy them. 

We could have baked with them but it was a 34 ounce container and well, that would be a lot of baking.  They would go stale or rancid before we got them all used. 

Instead we made them into peanut butter.  It is a very simple process, we put them in the food processor and whirled them around until they were ground into fine pieces.  I didn't have a recipe so we added a couple pinches of salt and part of a scoop of sugar.  We slowly drizzled oil into the mixture until it turned into a peanut butter substance. 

We weren't able to get it really smooth but I sort of liked the coarser texture.  I thought I would put it in the refrigerator and we would eat it on something but after everyone had a couple spoonfuls it was all gone.  From that you can conclude how good it was.  Dancer has since made two more batches, and today she actually got some on an apple, and thinks we should always make our own.  It is not very economical so these will be our only batches but it was good while it lasted.

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My Kid's Mom said...

I have a friend that has a "peanut butter making machine" -it makes AWESOME pb! They only use it at Christmas time and give jars to everyone - too expensive to do all the time. And the dentist - he cancelled on me (evidently he got this crappy cold/flu that is going around) so I don't get my permanent crowns on till Monday :(.