Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

We traveled to Grandma's house today to celebrate her 80th birthday. On Monday is Grandpa's 83rd birthday. This is the mom's parents. We brought cake, they had a French silk pie and we gave Grandma a box of candy so there was plenty of sugar to go around.

This is their dog Missy. We took a picture of her because she is super cute but she has to be tied when we visit. She weights well over 100 pounds and gets so excited when she see kids that she jumps. She is no match for either of the kids.

On the lake were hundreds of pelicans. Grandpa said that most days there are even more. It was really a sight to see, but in the all picture they only turned out as dots on the water. This is a picture Dancer took of one that was just taking off making it easier to see. In the back ground is the Girl Scout camp that the mom was a life guard at during the summers. Grandma and Grandpa use to joke that she was probably one of the few kids who could go to camp all summer and still see her house.

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