Thursday, April 23, 2009

Left behind

We met up with some friends at a park this afternoon so the kids could play. They had a wonderful time on the play set, playing with the little ones (Dancer loves playing with babies and a couple of her friends have little sisters), digging in huge pond of mud, wading and looking for frog eggs in a little creek, scootering around the walking path, and just chatting with each other. It is also nice to get a chance to chat with other adults who have been friends for years. A bit before we were ready to go Spark goes to the car and brings out Jeffery.

Here is Jeffery. He goes every where with us and is usually right by Sparks side. He loves him so much he even has a his own blog to tell about his adventures. You can find it here

Spark brings him over and I said give me Jeffery so you don't loose him because I knew what a dilemma it would be if he was lost. I sat him on the bench next to me while talking to a mom and when it was time to go just got up and finished talking on the way to the car. You just know where this is going don't you?

We get home, make dinner so it is ready for Dad to get up and eat and get out the door for work. We had barely finished dinner, I was making Dad a lunch, and Spark announces that he doesn't know where Jeffery is. I know where he is, hopefully I know, he's on the park bench.

I grab the car keys and we zoom out the door without even saying good bye to Dad. We drive to the park which is a long ten miles away. All the way I am praying over and over, please let him be there, please let him be there, please let him be there, please don't disappoint Spark for my mistake. I am also preparing Spark for what I hope the out come will not be. If someone took him home he will have a new adventure and I am sure he will be loved and taken very good care of. You still have his web page, Jeffery is a Webkinz, so you can still play with him. We can try to find a new Jeffery on Ebay. Mixing in a bit of, this is why I tell you to leave him in the car, this is why when we find something I tell you to just leave it because someone will probably be back for it and I am so sorry I forgot him. I forgive you already Spark tells me through his tears. Well, he may have forgiven me but I will beat myself up for weeks over this one.

Two and half hours after we last left we pull up to the very, very busy park. I look over to where I was sitting and I see a little ear flapping on the bench. Spark was out of the car and up to the bench and back in the car tightly clutching Jeffery so fast I don't even know if his feet touched the ground. Thank you, thank you, thank you God I send up. He gets in the car and although his face is still full of tears and his eyes are bright red, he has a big smile. I tell him he should give a pray of thanksgiving. Right away he say "Deo Gratias." Even in all the turmoil he remembers his Latin lessons. That is my little scholar!

From now on Jeffery is going to stay much closer to home and not come out of the car if he does go with. If some one had told me before I was a mom that I would be so concerned about a stuffed animal I would have thought they were nuts. Oh how parenthood changes us.


Anonymous said...

Yea, Jeffery is safe! You would think I was crazy as I hurried through your blog, hoping, praying that he was still there!

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Thank you. I am so happy to have Jeffery back - Spark