Monday, April 27, 2009

Shrek's bathtub

When Spark was just a little guy he loved the movie Shrek. You hate it compared to how much he loved it (we love that line even though it is the wrong movie). He probably watched it at least 75 - 100 times as it was almost the only movie he watched as a toddler. One of his first words was Shrek and then he just kept repeating it until we thought it may be the only word he was going to say.
By our house there is this pool of water that runs off a field with a drainage pipe. To us, squint at it if you have to, it looks like Shrek's bathtub. It always has icky, dirty water with a layer of scum on the top. In the summer when it is warmer there is a thick, slimy, foamy looking scum on the top so it is easy to imagine Shrek sitting in there and brushing his teeth. So the other day we are talking to the neighbors about something that was down by Shrek's bathtub. They looked at us like, "what, are you daft" and asked where this bathtub is. And we couldn't believe that they don't call it Shrek's bathtub. Some people just have no imagination.


Carletta said...

That's so funny! We make up names like that for stuff, too. Doesn't everyone? :)

Anonymous said...

We LOVE Shrek! And it does look just like Shreks' bathtub. The girls and I read your post and got the urge to watch it. So we popped in the old VCR tape!