Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A simple joy in life

It is hard to be in bad mood when eating popcorn. I don't think I have ever been mad while eating popcorn. Eating it alone just doesn't seem right. Perhaps because it is kind of a party food, usually made for a movie or when we are going to play a game. Nikki, our dog, really gets into it too. She sits on full alert when we are eating hoping we will fumble a piece. We love popcorn, but we don't eat it as much as we use to because Dancer wears braces. Popcorn is a no-no with braces. Before she got braces on, they gave us a list of food not to eat while wearing them. When we spied popcorn on that list we went crazy eating enough popcorn to get us through the next couple of years. Sometimes, though, you just need a bowl of butter covered, fluffy, white, oh so good and crunchy, little poofs of corn. Dancer still has a few kernels, but doesn't have as much as she use to, which takes a lot of the fun out of eating for the rest of us. We tried that Puffcorn stuff after she got her braces on, but it wasn't the same.

Tonight we enjoyed a couple of bowls. It rained all day and was gloomy so a little pick-me-up was in order. Being true homeschoolers, we couldn't just pop the corn without a lesson in there somewhere to justify making it. One bowl was made with melted shortening and one with coconut oil. Then we taste tested them to decide which was the best tasting. The coconut oil won hands down. Of course, for scientific sake, Dancer had to have some.

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April said...

My magic food is ice cream. Even in the winter time.

When I was a kid, my brother and I would get to stay up late on Friday nights and watch Perry Mason. We would split a bottle of pepsi (glass bottle) and each had our own bowl of popcorn. We thought we were hot stuff!