Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Faith the size of a mustard seed can make a dog stop barking

Little dogs are notorious for their barking and our little dog is no exception. At night she goes in her kennel because of her less than perfect bathroom habits when she thinks no one is looking. Last night I put her in there and she starts her barkfest, which some times can go on for hours, and her digging, she is never going to get through the floor of that kennel but I give her credit for her unrelentless trying. As I am doing my nightly prayers I pray to God 'please make that dog stop barking'. No sooner had I offered up the words and the barking ceased! In fact, it was so sudden I thought perhaps she may have dropped over dead from a heat attack or something but decided instead of going to check that I would just deal with it in the morning if that were the case. Thanks be to God for a quiet nights sleep!

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