Monday, April 20, 2009

We had a first today

We actually saw a rabbit, Runtidunt, give birth. There have been many, many litters of kits born here and we have never had the privilege of witnessing a birth. Most often they have them sometime between when we close up the barn for the night and when we go out again in the morning. A few times we have been in the barn, gone off to do something else and when we return there will have been a birth. Sometimes we aren't even aware that they have had babies as we try to resist the urge to reach in and feel around in the nests for fear they will reject the babes if we do. We just assume that the big puff of fur they pull out for the babies to keep warm in actually has some babes in it. But this time we were there! The birth wasn't too terribly exciting, but the fact that we saw it was.

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