Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Homeschool baseball

We are very blessed that in the area we live there are a lot of homeschoolers. In the group we belong to there are over 200 families. This many people make it very easy to offer sports. A family will plan the time and place, send out an email and people show up. The parents chip in with coaching, they are usually different parents every week because of schedules, bring equipment and it works out very well. Tonight there must have been about 70 homeschool kids that came. Next week 70 kids could come and half of them could be different kids. The kids love it because there is a good chance that at least a few of their friends will come and if they don't they just make some new ones. Spark has made a new friend this year, a girl that looks to be about his age, 2nd grade. They were deep in conversation last week and when I asked what they were talking about he said, "gardening and soup." Now do you suppose that is what 2nd graders talk about in public school?

We have this sport setting on our camera to take action pictures. I am trying really hard to master using this setting and so tonight at baseball was a perfect opportunity. I took 114 photos, it takes three a second, and got a few good ones. As you can see from some of these that I still have some learning to do as they are not as in focus as I would like.

Dancer up to bat. I was excited with this one as the camera caught the ball just as it was about to connect with the bat.

Leaving home to start around the bases.

Spark was on the other team and as she went around he jumped in her way. Aren't little brothers great?

Coming into home to score a point. They don't really keep score, they line up and when everyone has had a turn to bat then they switch sides. Tonight they had a chance to each be up at bat three times.

Spark just starting his swing.

Spark really getting into it. Got a picture of the ball as it was coming off the bat.

High tailing it to first base.

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