Friday, November 6, 2009

Adventures with Larry

Dad, Dancer and Spark constructed Larry. That afternoon, unaware that Larry had come to life, I came home, pulled in the drive and wondered who was on the lawn mower before realizing that he was a scarecrow. Larry is really living up to his title of being a scarecrow.
Dad was mowing lawn with the other mower, came around the corner of the garage and just about fell off his mower seeing a full grown man sitting on the other one driving towards him before realizing he was a scarecrow.
Dancer took the dog out to potty in the dark and came rushing back in because there was a man in the driveway. A couple of seconds of clearing thinking and she realized it was Larry who had scared her socks off.
Hopefully he will have the same track record with scaring crows if we ever need him to step up to the plate for that job.

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