Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Putting the gardens to bed

We have been blessed with some great "Indian Summer" weather the past week and a half. It's really nice since they say our October was the second wettest and fifth coldest on record. Today it was in the 60's and we got to pick up, mow and till most of the garden. There is a post from back in the spring showing me, Dad, tilling in a cloud of dust and now I had to wait to till until the ground dried out. The weather has been really odd this year.

The project started and stopped after about thirty seconds when the mower ran over a bunch of this wire from an old Christmas wreath. After a break to free up the blade, the work continued. All of the gardens are ready for the winter now except for the fenced garden. Eeyore, the pet wether goat, was holed up there browsing on what was left of the garden. Well, there is always tomorrow.

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