Monday, November 2, 2009

Giving Thanks Challenge

This year, again, we signed up for the Giving Thanks Challenge hosted by South Breeze Farm. The little logo is on our side bar. We so enjoyed this last year. Last year we listed every day, again on our side bar, something that we were thankful for. Making the list prompted a lot of good discussions and we actually missed it when the first of December rolled around and the challenge was done. This year we are going to make posts about what we are thankful for just to mix things up a little bit.

So here goes some things we are thankful for today.

1. The kids had dentist check ups and had no cavities.
2. The news so far is that Spark will not need braces.
3. Dad was home to go with us.
4. We had a treat at McDonald's after the appointment. This is a much looked forward to tradition for us.
5. We had $800 dollars set aside for fuel oil.
6. It was suppose to come tomorrow when Dad would be sleeping but they came today instead.
7. After the fuel oil was put in the man measured how much was in the tank and it is 3/4 full. That means that last year we were more frugal with the oil than we thought. This amount might get us through the winter.
8. Dad was able to sleep this afternoon before work, sometimes he can't fall asleep the first afternoon before he works.
9. We had a yummy supper - fried potatoes, mushrooms, onion, garlic with ham and leftover rabbit and squash.
10. Miss Congeniality was on t.v. tonight - one of Dancer's favorite movies.
11. Spark and I added three miles onto our 300 mile goal - our ticker is on the side bar.
12. Nikki is catching on to the new trick we are trying to teach her of putting her toys in a box.
13. We had safe travel all day.
14. The sun shone, something it hasn't done much of lately.


Sarah Anne said...

Lovely list.

jugglingpaynes said...

Great list! I like Miss Congeniality too!

Peace and laughter,