Friday, November 27, 2009

Complete Randomness

  • We were fortunate enough to have three grandparents here for Thanksgiving.
  • I love to see my mom even if by the time they get the car out on the road she doesn't remember she was here. I will remember.
  • We have prime rib and steak for Thanksgiving dinner. No one here gets excited about turkey so why wrestle with the big frozen fowl for a special occasion when no one finds it special.
  • We only have prime rib at Thanksgiving. It is way out of our budget any other time of the year.
  • It was odd to be eating it for leftovers today. Seemed pretty extravagant for Friday lunch.
  • The dog, Nikki, loves prime rib tidbits.
  • Pinning is so very important to sewing a quilt.
  • If you need a seam ripped out you should try to do it yourself.
  • But I am your mom so I will sit and do it for you because I am just so happy that you like to sew.
  • It takes five dollars to get Spark to help clean out a goat pen.
  • It is so worth five dollars.
  • Dad had to go to work tonight.
  • He has been home for a whole week. He was sick, but he was home.
  • We were sad to see him go tonight.
  • He leaves for work in the dark now. It makes the night long.
  • I hate to do chores in the dark.
  • Getting new rubber bands on braces hurts.
  • The best cure for the pain is soft food and time.
  • Who ever thought that El Dorado needed it's own sound track? It doesn't.
  • I like the Shrek CD from the original movie. Or motion picture as it's called.
  • Would we really be confused if it wasn't called a motion picture instead of just picture show?
  • Beetlejuice is only funny the first three times you watch it.
  • Once everyone can recite the lines along with the movie it looses something.
  • But I will watch it again because my kids like it.
  • I have, although, reached my limit for the scene where they sing Day-O, even if you freeze frame the characters to see how funny of a face you can make them have.
  • Did Disney read the book Summer of the Monkeys before they made the movie? If you have read the book don't waste 101 minutes of your time watching the movie - you will be highly disappointed.
  • And one last one for Spark - a complete Thanksgiving dinner, a piece of pie that you are too full to eat but ate anyway, AND a full bottle of carbonated soda pop doesn't fit in your stomach. Not for very long anyway.

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