Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deck the Dog with new Duds

It came to our attention that Nikki's clothes were getting rather ragged and well worn. Dressing her up is not a vanity thing for her, she has very short hair, and a bald belly, so she really needs to wear clothes in the winter, especially at night when she is in her kennel. A couple years ago when we made her some outfits we had a really nice pattern, but of course it is no where to be found now. When we were in town we stopped and got a new pattern for her, Simplicity 2755. This pattern doesn't sew up quite as neatly as it could. Dancer and I sewed the two outfits out of fleece and we had to make a few adjustments to the way it went together. When we sew it again we will make a few alterations on fitting. I think part of the problem is that dog breeds come in so many different shapes - long legs, short legs, thin bodies, husky bodies, and so on that it is hard to have one pattern fit all those different shapes.

We think she is very stylish now. Here she is modeling her new outfits. The top picture is a mouse/castle print that just happened to have the word "Princess" perfectly centered across the front after we sewed it up. The second is a star pattern that makes her feel like the diva she thinks she is.

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