Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rhythmic breathing will not defeat him!

Up until August of this year, Spark was like a cat in the water. He had not even put his head under water. All of that has changed now and he has been taking swimming lessons. After his first class, polliwog, the teachers moved him up two levels.

The level he had this last session, guppy, gave him a challenge and that challenge was rhythmic breathing. He will have to take the class over until he can successfully master this skill. In the summer this wouldn't be such a big deal because we could go to the beach and practice. However, when you live in the land where all the lakes freeze so thick you can drive a truck on the ice, practicing isn't an option.

Enter Grandma and Grandpa here for Christmas who are staying a week at a hotel with a pool. This changes everything. Tonight we went into town so that Spark could get a little time in perfecting his rhythmic breathing skills. He did make great strides and it was easy to see improvement in just one night. Hopefully this extra practice will translate into him passing the class when he takes it again in January.

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