Monday, December 28, 2009

Recycle magazines into paper straws for crafts

Using a magazine, cut the page right up the middle so that each side is an equal half. If you have lots of magazines, where you could never use them all in a month of projects, don't bother to cut the half closest to the binding out and trim it. If you don't have lot of magazines, then by all means, take advantage of that other half.
Start in one corner and roll the page up into a straw. Put a little dab of glue on the end to keep it together.
Make lots and lots and lots of these straws, the more the better. When you get a big pile of them you are ready to start a project.

Here the straws were glued around a tin canister from a food gift pack making it double recycling. The lid is a simply tiny pieces of paper glued atop and flattened straw around the edge. They can be put on picture frames, mirrors, garbage cans, glasses or anything with a flat surface. The straws can also be flattened and rolled into circles and glued together or flattened and stacked on each other or made into other shapes like bowls or boxes. Cut them into different lengths for even more options of how to use them in some useful manner. Got any ideas yet?

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kariwhite said...

How about using some to make "log" cabins?

I think it would be a fun building project for my big girl.

Thanks so much for the inspiration!

(btw - if you haven't figured it out I LOVE reading about your family. You guys remind me of a family that might live next door or be my cousins. So real! ) :)