Friday, December 11, 2009

Laundry or shopping...hmmm

What to do, what to do. I went to the drawer after a shower this morning and found that my stack of unders was depleted. In frantic desperation I dug through all the other drawers in the dresser clinging to the hope that at least one pair was put in the wrong drawer. Nope, I really am that far behind on the laundry. Now I have to decide, do I do a load of laundry or go shopping because obviously I don't own enough pairs if I can't even go a over week without doing laundry.

Upon further exploration, in the way back of a drawer, under a pair of jammies I don't wear any more, was a pair of maternity unders. What they were doing there I don't know. It has been over nine years since I was last pregnant and we have moved since then, but today I am just thankful they were there. By the way, maternity underwear don't fit the non-pregnant, well at least not comfortably, unless you are desperate not to go naked under your clothes.

So now I have to decide, shopping or laundry, laundry or shopping. Shopping wins! But I do have a load of whites in the dryer already.

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