Saturday, December 26, 2009

Scarf with pockets

We went into town today to do a little after Christmas bargain shopping. We got some wrapping paper. I told Spark we should get some because if he behaves himself and gets presents next year I will want to be ready. I got an exasperated "Mom" for that remark. Sometimes the kids just don't get my humor.

As we walked through the mall we stopped at a gift shop that has all kinds brick-a-brac and oddities in it. They had these scarves with pockets for $16.00. You read that right - $16.00. Dancer wanted to get one to give to her dance big sister at the next performance. While it was super cute, I wasn't going to spend that kind of money on about a half a yard of fabric, especially since we have a basement full of polar fleece.

We came home and whipped up two of these in a matter of minutes. Dancer is keeping the one she is wearing and giving the one Spark is modeling to her big sister with a candy bar in each pocket.

Here is the dimensions we used for these:

Scarf length is 60" long and 10" inches wide

Pockets are 10" wide by 9" tall

I cut the scarf and pockets out with the rotary cutter to get smooth edges. Across the top of the pocket are stitched two rows of stretch stitch to give it a little strength. Dancer pinned them on the bottoms of each end of the scarves, being careful to pin them both on the same side of the fabric, 2 1/2 inches from the ends. It is stitched on with two rows of straight stitching and at the top of each side we put about a quarter of an inch of very, very close together zigzag so it doesn't rip out when hands are repeatedly in and out of the pockets. Once the pocket was on, Dancer embellished it by cutting some fringe on each end. This was her own idea, the expensive store scarf was plain on the bottoms.

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kariwhite said...

What a great idea! I love that instead of spending the money you went home and sewed them up yourself. :)