Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a no go

Spark had his last swimming class and he didn't pass. We are still as proud as proud could be. Other weeks I sit in the lobby and chat with friends, it is my only grown up conversation of the week, but today we sat in the pool area to watch him. He has made incredible progress! In August he had never put his head under water and now he is doing the crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing. To pass the class he has to be able to do it for 25 yards which he just isn't quite there yet.

As I was walking out of the pool area I looked at the swimming bulletin board. The regular fee schedule was up and it showed that the cost of six private lessons of a half hour each was $180. The homeschool price during gym class is $20 and the lessons are 45 minutes. He was the only one in his level this session so he had private lesson by default for only $20. Once in a while good things fall into our laps.

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