Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter swimming is a treat

Grandpa came up from Arkansas for a few days to see Grandma, she is staying with Dad's brother for the winter for an array of reasons, and they stayed in a hotel while he was here. Our schedules didn't mesh together very well this time he was here but we did get a couple of hours in with them. A nice thing about homeschooling is that we don't have to work around a typical school day. Spark had a great time splashing in the pool. Dancer took this picture and thought it looked like he had a heart around his head. He had such a good time that Grandma had to get a towel out to put her feet on because the deck was all wet. There is a balcony that over looks the pool where Dancer took advantage of a new angel to take pictures from.

After we went to the big library downtown. We don't go to that one very often unless Dad is with us because we need to walk through the not so friendly people who usually hang around in front of it and tell people what they think of them as they walk through. The parking lot there is also goofy. Instead of just being a big open lot there are dividers to make roads through it. We were just about to the car and for some reason Spark dashes across one of the roads towards our car just as a car is coming around a corner. I screamed, he jumped back and the car slammed on it's brakes. He was just a few feet from being hit. I get in the car and try to recover from the mild heart attack I am having and he gets in the backseat and pulls out his DS to play a game. He and I must have very different views of death. Dad gave him a good lecture, which I hope he heard and took to heart. I am sure I will have a few more gray hairs from that incident.

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