Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Spark

This was the For Better or Worse comic strip today. It is hard to see but it says "But what exactly does non-linear thinker mean?" It shows all the kids art work and each of Michael's projects are very different from what the rest of the class did. When they all made cute little animals with four legs, Michael made a snake. Pictures of birds showed standing up birds, Michael's was a bird laying on his back with an X for an eye to show he was dead. The pages they made of the alphabet showed all the kids with neat lines of letters and Michael's was a huge A with all the other letters around it.
If I went to parent/teacher conference I wouldn't be surprised if I heard the same thing from the teacher. I love him that way. He makes us think. He makes us laugh. He makes us shake our heads sometimes. I pray he never changes.

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