Monday, February 22, 2010


Shatter-pated means disordered or wandering in intellect.

We were watching The Monkey's Uncle last week and heard the word and then the show was on again tonight and Dancer listened carefully for the word so we could get it correct. A man called someone shatter-pated. We looked it up and found the meaning. They also could have said shatter-brained. We knew what it meant from the context of the show but we should have heard the word and had the actual definition click. We have been reading Robin Hood in Old English and they are always hitting someone, or getting hit, on their pate aka top of their head. I always find it so interesting that when you read something new then it seems like it pops up everywhere after that. It is kind of like a new friend. You meet someone and then when you are out shopping, or wherever, you run into them. I always think, 'how many times did we see you before and not know who you were?'

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