Sunday, February 28, 2010

All in one beach mat and tote bag

While Spark was at his basketball tournament Dancer was at 4-H Sewing Camp. One of the projects was this cute beach tote/mat. The instructions are so simple.

Materials needed are:

A large bath towel.
A matching hand towel, the length should equal the width of the bath towel.
1 1/2 yards of 1" webbing for the handle
Matching thread

Lay the hand towel on one end of the bath towel. Sew along each side and the bottom side of the hand towel. Cut the webbing in half and sew one on the hand towel and one on the bath towel. Done. If you want a pocket on it use a matching wash cloth and sew on either the hand towel or the bath towel.
To make it into a tote bag roll the bath towel up from the side that doesn't have any sewing and flip the bag part of the towel over the rolled up part.
We got the bath towel for $3.99, the hand towel for $1.99 and the webbing for $.79 a yard. The whole project cost a mere $7.00.

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