Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spark rides an escalator

Spark rides an escalator, big deal right. Well, it is a big deal because he has been deathly afraid of them his whole life. Every time we go by one he wants to ride it and then at the last minute he just can't get himself to step on. He either takes the stairs, or an elevator if there is one, to get to the floor he is going to. On Tuesday when we were at the mall he tried so hard to get himself to ride one. He was able to go up but just couldn't take the step on to go down. Going up that one time has been the most success he has had so far with the scary beasts. Tonight, while Dancer was at Dance, he and I swung by the mall to get in a little walking. We went by a store with an escalator and he wanted to try again. He rode right up and then went over to the down escalator and ..... stepped on!!!!! He did it twice! For good measure he even rode on in another store!!!! I cheered both times and gave him a high five, I didn't care who was watching or what they might have thought, I was proud of him.

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