Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glass Bead Teacup

Dancer made this for a fine arts 4-H project.  We went to a thrift store, there are several of them around here, and she got a china teacup and saucer for $1.20.  The glass beads were $6.00. 

The beads were really pretty all poured in a bowl.

Using hot glue, she started by gluing each and every bead on.  After about an hour and half she had to find a better way to do this.  She ended up filling in small areas on the saucer with hot glue and then pushing the beads into the glue.  For the cup she again did small spots with the glue and then rolled it in the beads then pushed the beads together and flat before the glue hardened. 

The finished cup. 
The picture doesn't show how beautiful it is and the original picture looked better, it is blurred on here for some reason. 

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