Thursday, May 26, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast, Goats That Is

Every day Spark goes out and sits with the little goats.  Lola is his favorite and he tries to hold her but she usually just jumps up and down.

This is Desdemona not one of the babies but it is such a good picture of her.

Calliope is still nursing her two.  I can't image how much milk she is making although they do both eat hay and graze.

Spark and Lola, she is the only one that is easy to hold and any more and she isn't all that easy, they are just getting so heavy.

Giles in  the feeder.  What is the fascination of standing in the feeder, they all do it even the big girls.

They love to nibble clothes and hair.

Niko looking surprised at his shadow.

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