Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Wheels On The House Go Round And Round

I run out to get the mail this afternoon and when I turn to walk back to the driveway I look to the north and see a huge house coming around the corner.  I yell for Spark to get the camera.  It took them a while to get to our driveway so I wonder if they had trouble maneuvering around the corner.  First a truck with a wide load sign came by and then

this house gets closer.  Here I was out on the lawn to take the picture because I figured they couldn't really see what I was doing.  I am a shy picture taker, I would be a little creeped out if someone came out of their house and took a picture of our car as we drove by.  For the rest of the pictures I jumped behind a bush on the side of the driveway.

This is as close as we are probably (hopefully) going to get to a next door neighbor.  If we had a neighbor this close we might as well live in town.

But they are not to be our neighbor, they head on down the road.  Was it something we did?  I don't think we are very loud.

Just as we turn to go back inside the garage came down the road.  Wonder where they are taking it.  I always wonder how good of a deal would you have to get on a house that it would be worth moving.  This doesn't look like a especially fabulous house by any means.  My next thought was I can't believe I am not stuck behind this thing for miles when I am in hurry to get somewhere. 

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Swimtaxi said...

Last year, I actually sat down with my husband and watched a TV show on moving houses.

They actually have to plot a route that disturbs the least amount of traffic, etc. Interesting career field.

Anyway, I would have been out there too with my camera.