Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Good Check Up

It has been a year since Dancer got her braces of and she had her one year retainer check up today.  At six months out she could go from wearing her braces all the time to 12 hours a day.  He asked her today how many days she had missed wearing them and she said none.  He asked her again and I verified that really, she wears them 12 hours every day and even keeps track of the time she puts them in so that she wears them long enough in the morning.  As of today she can start wearing it only when she sleeps.  The orthodontist said if she sleeps for seven hours just wear them seven hours etc.  Dad made the comment that she will still be wearing it 12 hours a day.  She does love to sleep, always has.  Her teeth look just as great as they did the day she got her braces off so we are very happy with the way things are going.

The not so exciting part of the appointment is that he thought she will probably need her wisdom teeth out next summer.  That seems young to me, her 12 year molars just came all the way through, she got all her teeth late.  On the x-rays from her regular dentist appointment a few weeks ago they showed that they are coming in at an angle.  We don't want to have gone through all the expense and pain of the braces though to have them goofed up with wisdom teeth.  We won't dwell on that now, we will just be happy that at one year out her teeth are still as straight as man can make them.

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