Friday, May 18, 2012

MN Science Museum

Our co-op studied anatomy and physiology this past year so for an end of the year hurrah we took a field trip down to the science museum that has a large section devoted to the body.

On the way there Spark took lots of pictures out his window that he found interesting.  Most of the pictures didn't turn out half bad considering that we were driving 50+ mph and his back window is tinted. 

Things we don't see by our house, skyscrapers.  The closest thing we have to skyscrapers is silos.

Cathedrals, now we do have cathedrals but none as fancy as some of the ones in the cities.  They are huge and ornate way beyond what small towns have. 

His favorite part, driving through the tunnels.



Boggles the mind that people happily live in these their whole lives.  We have relatives who have.  I guess if your friends, family and life is there it makes it home.


Not even a balcony.

Imagine never digging the dirt to plant a seed or sit outside after dinner.

The lobby of the science museum.


A fruit fly larva contently eating, eating, eating.  Little does he know that Dancer and her friend are about to pull his head off with the hopes of seeing his chromosomes. 

Before they started the experiment the helper lady asked if they would be okay with taking off the head.  Um, both of the girls are farm kids so I don't think that a fruit fly head is going to make them squemish.

With thier lab coats, gloves and goggles they look so scientisty.

On to the pirate area.  This was an extra $12 per person and I guess it was worth it. 

The whole thing was educational about a sunken pirate ship found off of Cape Cod in 1984, not even one picture of Captian Jack Sparrow. 

What is the "Human Spark"?  Well, here is the human Spark!

Spark at the news desk.

Yep, we had a good time.

Added bonus, we did a little geocaching and found our 1000th geocache!

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