Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Year Of Art

This last year one of our homeschool co-op classes was art with the Atelier DVD curriculum.  I was glad we got to be a part of this curriculum in a co-op setting because even if we had had the program at home I don't think we would have gotten around to doing it every week.  We may have started off with good intentions but it would have gotten pushed onto a back burner.  Also, I think that Spark was much more focused in the co-op classroom setting than he is at home where he has Lego's and getting outside on his mind most of the time and he rushes things like this.  Dancer's pictures are on the left, Spark's on the right.

This lesson was about how before the days of photography, painters would paint portraits and then roll into town where consumers could pick out a portrait and the painter would just have to add their faces to the paintings.   Does Spark's look like a familiar shape of someone on t.v.?  Yes, Sponge Bob.  He started out painting Sponge Bob until I quietly reminded him that he was at class to learn a certain lesson, not make his friends laugh, and he could feel free to draw all the Sponge Bob's at home that he wished.  Boys, I love them but sometimes..................

Indian totem pole art with markers.

Statue of Liberty in chalk.

Put a little of their own flare on these, Dancer's is the S.S. Bieber and Spark's has a kraken in the water. 

Clue People - from the game Clue, they painted their person with only one color.

Learning how to paint sky and water.  We had watched a documentary just a few days before about the Loch Ness monster and they both added her to their pictures.  I thought it was interesting that they both did because they don't sit by each other.

Buildings in chalk with onion shaped tops. 

The chalk portrait of the person sitting across from them.

Fredrick Remington - attempting his style

Still life in pencil.

Cards in markers.  This one looked so fun I wished the parents could have joined in.

A tree in Sharpie marker.  They took index cards and cut a little hole in the middle and drew what they could see though the hole.

A close up using tempera paints.  Dancer's is ants on a log and Spark's is a side view of a sandwich.

Layering, except Spark's isn't layered?

Layers of the earth drawn with a Sharpie.  I was amazed that they got all this done in one class time.

First week they painted fish with tempera paints and second week made the back ground.  This was my favorite project they did all year.

Victorian house with a holiday theme in the windows.  Dancer chose Valentine's Day and Spark chose Halloween.

Jungle scene in tempera paints.  This is Dancer's, Spark is not sure what happened to his.


Unknown said...

Looks like it was a fun class. We will be starting a fine arts co-op in the fall. I hope we get alot out of it.

jugglingpaynes said...

Beautiful work! When I've taught art, I always love seeing how each child interprets the exercise. Your kids definitely each have their own style. Great job!

Peace and Laughter!

Swimtaxi said...

They did an awesome job with their art work.

Chele said...

What a fun class that must have been! I love the fish and the geese best of all. Great work, kids!