Monday, May 7, 2012

Satisfying Sunday

What a long but fun day we had. 

This is our weekend to be usher/greeters and nursery at church for both the Saturday night and Sunday morning service.  Right after church we had to run into town so that Dancer could go to a planning meeting for 4-H camp. 

Since we didn't have time to drive home after church and get her to the meeting on time we ate in town at Five Guys - love that place.  One of the things I love about it is that they have the sign in the bathroom "Employees must wash hands."  I saw a thing about waiting for the employees to come and wash your hands and now I chuckle every time I see one of those signs.  Also think their fries are hard to beat.

Spark, Dad and I bummed around town doing a few things to pass the time until her meeting was done at 3:00 and then went back to pick her up.  Wrong, her meeting was done at 4:00 we found out after we waited a bit for her to come out and then finally called her. 

Since we had a good hour to wait Dad suggested we go to McDonalds and have shakes and use their WiFi.  Spark used the WiFi while Dad and I read the Sunday paper.  This is a treat because we don't buy the paper.  It is our protest after the raised the price to an insane level but I am not against reading it if it available at a restaurant.

When we got home Dad cleaned some of the garage, which after we took a bunch of stuff out for the 4-H garage sale it is actually starting to look pretty good.  I mowed the lawn, one, so that the dog doesn't get lost out there when she goes out to piddle and two, hopefully with the grass shorter the lawn will dry out faster after all the rain we have had this past week. 

At 9:15 we still hadn't had supper so I gave the kids the choice, oatmeal or popcorn.  They chose popcorn - that is what I would have chosen but I felt better at least offering the oatmeal even though it was supper.  Since they chose I have no mommy guilt :)

Also got a couple loads of laundry done and a game of 500 Rummy with Dancer.  Can't ask for more than that out of a day.

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