Monday, May 21, 2012

Woosh Went The Weekend

Dad worked the weekend so it was just the kids and I.  Sometimes these weekends drag and seem like he has been at work much longer than three days, but this one just flew by.  It came on the end of a busier than normal week so I think that made it seem faster too.

Friday night we started out by going to the play "A Midsummer's Night Dream" put on by a local children's theater group.  One of the cast members was a girl in our homeschool co-op so we went to support her.  There were a few other homeschoolers we knew and then a girl that Dancer danced with when she was a preschooler.   Funny where people resurface in your life. 

Saturday, after trying to get some cleaning and laundry done,  was the first of the graduations, another homeschooler.  It is interesting in the homeschool world that kids don't seem to segregate themselves by ages, they all just get together and mingle no matter the age.  Dancer has friends that range from 3rd grade all the way to kids that have already graduated.  Spark's friend that he talks to the most is a 7th grader.  In the school world I am sure that a 7th grader would not be hanging out with a 5th grader, they would think they were to old or too cool to be seen with a "little kid." 

After the graduation we were off to church as it was our weekend to be greeters, usher and nursery. 

Saturday night we had storms roll through.  I worry now about water getting in the basement since we have already had it twice so far this year.  I stayed up really late so I would be able to plug in the pump, that is now a permanent fixture outside the basement door, to do it's job should the need arise.  I also worried what I would do if the electricity went out as then we could be in the dark and have water coming in that I could do nothing about but hopefully move furniture out of the way.    When I finally did go to bed Dad has strict instructions to keep an eye on the radar and call me if it looked like it was raining hard here and I should get up.  Thankfully, the phone never rang.

This morning was back to church.  Our church has just started Sunday morning services the last few weeks and so there isn't usually a lot of people there, but you never know so we are ready for the time when there is.  This morning though there were only 13 people, two of whom didn't attend the night before.  Instead of a sermon the pastor lead a sort of small group discussion.  It reminded me of when the church just started a little less than two years ago and we did spontaneous things like that when there weren't many in attendence.  Saturday nights are now full so I am sure before long Sundays will be too. 

After church we were starving, we slept until the last possible minute because we were up late wondering about the storms and none of us ate breakfast.  To appease our rumbling stomachs, and because we needed to go to the grocery store and you aren't suppose to shop on an empty stomach, we stopped for lunch at a taco place.  All during lunch we got to hear the loud conversation the workers were having about how lazy the night shift was that they didn't do their job, complete with what was going to be on the list they were going to give the boss.  I thought it was less of a crime to leave the taco seasoning jar empty than announce over the dining room company grevances, but maybe that is just me.  I actually got a chuckle out of them and how excited they were. 

We came home to pull some weeds that are having a good year.  Seemed like we were crusing right along and making great headway until I stood up and looked around.  If you didn't know better, and see our large weed pile, you would have thought we napped all afternoon.  What a daunting task.  Tonight we got the lawn mowed with only one lawn mower misshap, one is good for us.

During milking tonight I think our doe, Caliope, has mastitis on one side of her udder.  She let me hook the milker up but she keep looking at it and flinching her foot on that side.  When Dad gets home tomorrow we will have to decide what to do, treat her and keep milking, or treat her and dry her up.  I hate to let her dry up, she is the only one who is in milk, but she has had such a rotten year so far that I want to do what will be best for her. 

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Amy Dingmann said...

Sounds like things are busy busy busy at your place. Those weekends without Dad are kinda a bummer, but you sure fill them up fast! If you're looking for someone else to help fill up those dad-less weekends...I know someone else who often has dad-less weekends... ;)