Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Little Excursion

It has been a while, a long while, since we have done anything out of the ordinary.  Life can get a little drab so we took a short day trip to the cities to check out the Whole Foods Market we have been hearing so much about.  The closest one to us is about 75 miles away, although in July there will be one that is about 60 miles away like that make much difference.  I guess that is about two gallons of gas. 
On the way down Spark turned around and said, "There is a ninja behind us!"  Sure enough, there was. 
We had lunch at the store - very good, expensive but good.  The selections off the salad bars are $8.49 a pound and we soon realized that it did take long to pick out a pound of salad.  After lunch we checked out the store, it took us well over an hour to look everything over and pick out two bags of groceries. 

On the way home we found a few geocaches and headed back.  We left just in time, we weren't more than 10 minutes on the road and the sky opened up and the rain started to fall.

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