Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Fish, Two Fish, No Fish

Our town is having its festival today and Spark entered the fishing contest.
The kids had 35 minutes to catch as many fish as they could and they proclaimed the winner by the person with the most weight of fish.  There were a lot of one and two ounce fish and the biggest one we heard was six ounces.  Spark didn't catch anything which made him quite disappointed.
I waded out in the water to take a picture of Spark on the shore, where the water was crazy cold, we haven't had really had any warm weather to speak of.  When I downloaded the picture I saw that the rest of the family was plenty busy on the shore as well.  Here it looks like Dad is playing the air bugle.  It is early in the morning so he is probably belting out reveille.

And Dancer, "put your right foot in and you shake it all around, do the hokey pokey."  That is what its all about!

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no spring chicken said...

It's the pictures that we didn't meant to take that are at times the most telling... :)

Sorry about the ones that got away. Does he at least have a good tale?

Blessings, Debbie