Monday, June 24, 2013

Llama Training After The Storm

The place where llama training is held was hit hard by the storm that came through early last Friday morning.  This tree in their backyard just tipped out of the ground.  For a reference Spark is about five feet six inches.
Here he is standing on the base of the tree with the grass behind.  This is just one of the trees they lost.
Our trailer lights are broken so we couldn't bring our own llamas so the kids worked with some of the trainers llamas.  Dancer worked with this big guy, Arizona.  He was much taller than she is.
Spark worked with this little alpaca.

They line them up and the trainer pretends to be a judge and walks them through how the judging will go.  There is a lot to remember, good thing we have quite a few training sessions left.

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