Saturday, June 8, 2013

Llamas Got A New Ride

To haul the girls around we got them a new to us trailer as they are too big to both fit in the van, although people have told us they would ride in there.  Loading them started out good, Nora walked right in and Marceline was right behind.
The Marceline stopped.  Stubbornly stopped.  Stopped like push on her back side to get her in the trailer stopped.
When we finally got her in I think she said to Nora, "You know Nora, I don't think this is a good idea."
"Oh, wait, they are serving yummy alfalfa pellets!"  Her absolute favorite treat is dandelions, we should have grabbed a handful of those, its not like we don't have enough.
The girls went to their first llama training where they are going to learn how to win a ribbon at the fair.  While I thought they were never going to be ready for the fair, a lady who actually knows what she is doing, in about an hour had them doing things I never thought possible.  There is hope for them yet! 

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