Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn Weekend

Lots of work today in the barn. Cleaning stalls, spraying the floors, microbiology lessons for the boy, hauling mulch to the garden and sore muscles for everyone. Highs in the 70's today but will supposedly be cooler this week so nice to get some fall chores done.

Oreo the rabbit had 4 bunnies today and threw them out of the pen (not the 1st time for this unfortunate behaviour). We had a break in the afternoon to try and revive the baby rabbits. Only one made it and is now in the nesting box. We'll see if it will be warm enough by itself.

The grandma is coming to stay for a few days before heading to Arkansas for the winter (cue the banjos and break out the moonshine). The boy has plans for every moment of her stay.

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