Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here we are!

Our first post. What does one put in the first post? Here is a bit about what we do and how we spend our days.

First The Dad. The Dad is a registered nurse. He works three 12 hour shifts a week in a surgical care unit and a mid-sized hospital.
Next, The Mom. She does her best to keep the family moving forward.

Next, The Girl. She is a 6th grade homeschooled beautiful child. She loves reading, dancing, running, 4-H, gardening, cooking, and taking care of animals. She is an all around country girl.

Last, The Boy. He is a 2nd grade homeschooled vibrant child. He loves playing video/computer games, dancing, playing with the dog and his rabbits and being outside getting dirty.

We homeschool, have a little farm, raise a large garden and sell at farmers' markets in the summer. We finally have time to start a blog now that the farmers' markets are done for the year, 4-H projects are done, and some parts of life are starting to slow down.


Deeny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice not. You have a lovely family. I wish I lived in the country - well maybe someday. I live in a dense about 30 year old suburban neighborhood. My daughter is 19 and in college. She just decided to declare nursing as her major. Have a great Thanksgiving. :-)
Smiles Deeny

Sandra said...

We homeschool, have a 5 acre farm, plant a garden for the year and have 5 kids. Welcome to the blog world!