Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feeding the Chickens

Time to feed the chickens today. We have a homemade feeder that holds over a hundred pounds of feed so we don't have to do it very often. It is hard to get the bags in the coop so we made this simple incline feeding machine. We stick a length of rain gutter in through one of the slat doors on the side of the coop.

Then one of us just starts scooping the food into the gutter.It makes it's way down the gutter and plops out into the feeder.When the bag gets light enough to pick up, Dad pours it in and The Girl holds the gutter steady with her head. Crazy kid!The goats got started this morning on clearing out the fenced garden. This is our lettuce garden, and anything we don't want wild life to nibble on, so it hasn't been used for many weeks and the weeds were really getting out of control.

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