Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peel the pretty papaya please

Say that title fast a few times!
This is the beautiful papaya we bought at the store.

We cut the papaya apart and it looked like tiny rabbit poops inside. The seeds were very soft but if they were broken open they had mini pinecones inside.

Way one to get the seeds out: knock the side of the papaya so the seeds will come out but if there is still some seeds use way two.

Way two: Use a spoon

Now you scrape out all the papaya insides to get the fruit part. Use a sharp spoon, I used a measuring spoon.

Or if you don't want to dig out the insides you can use a potato peeler to scrap off the outside. Then you can slice it.

This is the boy's papaya ship. It will sail the seven seas some day. It's captain is a young elephant named Jeffery. On the front is a cannon.

This is the girl's ship. As you can see the captain is sea sick, his face is white. My cannon can shoot 100 pound balls 500 yards.

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