Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And they are off!!!!!

This morning

This afternoon

She wore her braces 758 days, not that she was counting or anything.  Actually she never complained once about wearing them or the rubber bands.  Before braces her teeth we so uncomfortable that she was just so grateful to have the opportunity to have them straightened out.  She had some top teeth behind bottom teeth, one was even in the middle of the roof of her mouth, the front ones stuck out in front of everything, she had two of some teeth because the adult teeth came in but the baby teeth hadn't fallen out, and everything was just not where it it should have been.  Several of her baby teeth never did fall out and she had to have them pulled and then it took forever for some of those adult teeth to come in.  With the braces they were able to make big spaces in her mouth for the teeth to at least come in where they were suppose to.  I remember we went in for what we thought was our first consultation, she was only in fifth grade, and they said, "yeah, we will get them on next month."  

That is all behind her now, all her teeth are in and they are all in the right spots going the right way!  Friday we go back for the top retainer.


Just an Average American Mom said...

So exciting! Never had to wear braces but knew several who did and they either had problems with them or they didn't.


Stacy said...

Wow!! Let her know that her smile is gorgeous!

I did braces for 3 years, retainers for 2 and a night-time mouth guard for another 5...and I certainly didn't do it without complaint so kudos to her! It was all worth it in the end but it's hard to stay dedicated when you are a teenager and the years are just going by...