Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Farmers' Market

Farmers' market season is upon us.  The one we sell at is Wednesdays from 3 to 6:30.  The weather was nice in April but May was cold.  Most of what we planted sat in the ground idle for three weeks so we didn't have much to bring.  We manage to get together some rhubarb, herbs, iris roots and our old fashioned goat milk soap.  The day was perfect, not too hot with a slight breeze, but it didn't bring out  many shoppers.  We did okay for the amount of product we brought, the kids both made a few dollars so they were happy.  Next week we should have radishes and the lettuce is looking promising.

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Stacy said...

I love farmers' markets! And I'm a shopper only :) Hope it's a great market season for you!