Sunday, May 2, 2010

Epsom salt advice for free

A few months ago, I can't really remember exactly when, Dad had an ingrown toenail. It was getting really red and start to go up his foot. Fearing cellulitis, he went into the doctor. The doctor looked at it for a few seconds and said "soak it in Epsom salt," and sent him on his way. We stopped on the way home and bought a four pound box of the salt for a couple of dollars. He soaked his foot with the offending nail in it, the redness cleared up right away and all was fine. We got a bill for $108 dollars from the doctor a few days later. Expensive advice.
A couple of days ago, Dancer stepped on a nail. It started to get red and was looking infected. Remembering the advice of the expensive doctor, we got the Epsom salt out of the linen closet and made her a foot bath. She has soaked her foot a couple of times for two days and it is looking good as new. Saved ourselves $108 dollars.
Why aren't more people, or medical staff, telling us about this stuff as a first line of defense against infection? Dad is a nurse for Pete's sake and they didn't teach him this, nor do they use it in the hospital. Maybe it isn't expensive enough for them there.
The box says to use it for soaking minor sprains and bruises, redness, irritation, swelling for infection. It also said for health and beauty. Dancer jokingly wanted to know if that meant she was going to have one foot be more beautiful than the other.
So our advice is to buy a box of Epsom salt to have on hand. We won't send you a bill either.

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Just an Average American Mom said...

We love that stuff. It works wonders. You can add some food coloring and essential oils to it and make a bath salt for soaking in the tub.