Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

in the living room.  We went to the hardware store on Saturday and they had these little cuties there.  We took the seven that were laying hens and then Dancer, with her soft heart, picked out a broiler chicken that was smaller than the rest of the ones in the pen.  Actually, they were straight run birds so we will see if we have all layers or if a few Sunday dinners are mixed in the bunch.

We have a heat lamp for them but heat lamps just make me so nervous that they will start a fire.  They were small enough that we could put them in a bin in the living room and it was warm enough in here that they did okay without the lamp.  By yesterday though they were able to jump out of the bin.  We had to put them in a smaller bin so that we could put one of the grates from a portable greenhouse that we have on top.  Once, when Spark was giving them some food, a couple quick jumped out and ran around the living room.  No good, they can be in the house but have to be in the bin.  We still have them in because it is too cold for them to be out in the garage without the lamp.  All, except that little one Dancer wanted, are getting pretty much fully feathered except for their heads so they can head out probably by the end of the weekend.

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