Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's kidding season!

Calliope and Giles.  We named him Giles because it means "young goat," never knew that before.  He was born first. His head and one hoof came out and then Dad pulled him because his other leg was back and they can push a long time with bad results when that happens.

Next born was LaLaLola.  Dancer wanted to name a goat Lola but all of our girls have four syllable names so she is LaLaLola in name only and we will call her just Lola.  We thought Giles was little until she was born.  You can't really tell that you care even holding her she is so light.

Spark and Lola.  Amazingly they were born on their due date, in the afternoon when we were home and when it was warm out.  Calliope was only in labor a couple of hours and hard labor for less than a hour.  She did great and only needed that little bit of help to deliver Giles.  Convenient, easy births almost never happen with our goats so this was great!


Just an Average American Mom said...


Can't wait to see more pictures of these babies as they grow.

Glad all went well because it never fails usually these things do happen under odd circumstances and odd times.

Swimtaxi said...

I think it is awesome that your children get to experience seeing the birth and taking care of your animals.