Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Geocaching - Five Finds

We started geocaching to make our walking this summer more exciting.  Spark and Dancer are also going to turn this into 4-H projects so it serves two purposes.  There are 12,000 caches within 100 miles of our house so we should never run out of places to search. 

Our first find was by Spark.  It is was in a hollow base of a tree.  This was a very fancy container complete with camo fabric hanging off of it.  Exciting!!

Opening to see what we will find - this is the most exciting part.

Signed the log book, left a sea shell and took the three little pigs. 

Next one also found by Spark.  The little yellow thing by him is his almoner bag, Check here to see how to make the almoner bag. he keeps the prizes we leave in the caches in there.  He has gotten so much use out of that little bag since we made them.

After signing the log book we took a key card to a hotel room and left a bracelet.

Put the cache back for the next people to find.  It is really blends in with the camo tape all over it.

Dancer found the next one!

This one was called "Buggin out" so we appropriately left a plastic bug and took a giraffe.

This one was at a way side rest on the freeway.  We parked and then started off walking down the road toward the exit and veered off into the woods.  There was a guy watching us and I wonder what he thought when we jumped out and started walking that way.  He smiled and waved at us as he was leaving and we were coming back out of the woods.  There are indoor toilets there so he knows we weren't out there to find primitive facilities!

This cache was very damp and smelly inside and the log book was completely full except for the back of the front cover.  We signed the book and swapped a bracelet for a wooden moose. 

The last one was at a wayside rest on the other side of the freeway just half a mile from the previous one.  However, to get over to it we had to drive five miles up to the next town to turn around and come back.  This one was way out in the wood and by the time we found it it was getting quite dark.  We all spotted this one from quite a ways aways because it had the blue lid that stuck out in the brown leaves.

This one too was quite damp as it was in a metal tin instead of a plastic container.  The log book though was in a bag so it was dry and easy to write on.  Here we swapped a bracelet for a bracelet.

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