Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wood Scrap Block Mirror

This project came from the book "The Big-Ass Book of Crafts" by Mark Montano.  Yes, that is really the name of the book.  We got it at a book store that was going out of business for a couple of bucks but have found that it is full of great projects and would have been worth more than the price we paid.  Spark made this mirror for a fine arts and crafts project for 4-H.

The project requires:
  • 12" X 12" inch beveled mirror.  We could only find these in packs of six so there may be more mirror projects in our future.
  • 2' X 2' piece of plywood
  • Scraps of wood.  Not having any scraps Dad cut a bunch on the table saw
  • Wood glue
  • A can of Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear spray
  • Sand paper if you want to sand all those little blocks of wood.  Spark said "no thank you" to that part, it would have taken days to sand them all
  • A hanger for the back

Measure where the exact center is on the board and glue the mirror down.  Start arranging the wood pieces around the mirror.  This is some what of a puzzle to get as many pieces on as possible.  Spark started by the mirror and made sure that the edges of the mirror were completely covered and the pieces were flush with the edges.  It took a good couple of hours to get the whole board covered as well as he could with the pieces.  Working out from the mirror worked the best.

This is just a few of the wood pieces, it took a whole lot!

After all the pieces are put down with only small gaps here and there glue them all to the board starting at the mirror and working to the outside. 

Let the board sit at least over night to dry.  Spray the board with the Krylon spray to make it shiny.  Do this OUTSIDE because this stuff smells awful.  Spark brought it back inside awhile after he sprayed it and the smell was still to much for us.  Give it a couple coats of spray being sure to get all the surfaces of the wood because now they are jutting out at different levels. 

Put a hanger on the back and you have a one of a kind masterpiece!!


Just an Average American Mom said...

That is really cool.

We have lots of scraps around here but finding the mirror will be another challenge.

Great job.

~*~The Family~*~ said...

We found the mirrors at Home Depot and another home improvement store so they are pretty easy to come by. If we lived by you we would give you one since we now have five extra!