Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running Water - We Have Stepped Into the 21st Century

Once in a while our kitchen faucet would quit working and we would pull the sprayer in and out a few times and it would start up again.  We came to the point this last week where that didn't work anymore and the water was only a tiny trickle coming out.  So small that it would have taken a couple of hours to fill the sink. 

Of course, it broke on a day when we were busy, then by the time we got to town to pick out a new faucet and Dad had to work a couple of days, we went five days without water in the kitchen.  Thankfully though we didn't have to haul water from the creek like Laura Ingalls, just the bathroom.  Our drinking water faucet also worked or it would have been a much bigger problem than it was and the dish washer saved us from having a mountain of dishes to do

We are guessing that the old faucet was original to the house, about 40 years old.  It looks grungy because I could never get it clean.  No matter what the commercials said about the cleaning product it didn't work on our hard water build up.

Dad struggled with getting the old faucet off the sink for a couple of good hours.  When it did come off we could see why, a lot of the parts had become so brittle they had broken apart.  Those that weren't broken were so corroded they didn't want to move.

Dad persevered and tada! we have running water.  Notice there is no sprayer on the side. I have never lived in a house where the sprayer either worked or worked for very long.  Why give ourselves a headache, the sprayer went straight in the garbage.

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