Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feather Hair Extention

A couple weeks ago we were at the mall and saw this board of feather extentions outside of a hair salon.  Dancer and I stopped to look at them and thought they were pretty cool but they were $20.  The frugal side of me can not let $20 out of my hand for a couple of feathers. 

Saturday we were checking out at the grocery and the girl checking us out had one of the extentions in her hair and it looked really cute.  So after a conversation with the check out girl, who explained all the ins and outs about them, Dancer really wanted one. 

Well, maybe we thought, perhaps we could come up with a goal and when you meet it you can get some.  Dad and I talked about it some more and decided that she could really use a pick me up.  She has had a couple hard weeks with loosing Eeyore and few other things.

Monday we went to the mall so Dad could get his glasses adjusted and "just happened" to go by the hair salon that had these.  We stopped to look them over and a lady came out to do a big sales pitch for them, little did she know what an easy time she was going to have.  Anyway, she fussed over Dancer, helped her pick one out and we said "Go ahead and put it in."

They melt these things onto the hair with some waxy, glue substance that they heat up and then it stays in.  She can wash it, brush it, curl it, or flat iron it.  It should last for about four months, I guess until her hair grows an inch or so.  Before that if it comes out she can go back and have it put back in. She has been trying to decide if she wanted to get her hair cut but this takes care of that decision at least until about August.  

She was very happy, and still is, so it was well worth the money. 

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