Friday, January 8, 2010

Glad the last couple of days are over

We were counting down the hours until we could go back to the vet and get our little Nikki. We were up early on Wednesday, out the door and standing at the front desk right at 9:00 am. She did really well except that she chewed her arms while she was there. This wasn't a surprise as she is usually very nervous unless we are with her. She didn't so well with Grandma when we were on vacation this fall so the vet hospital, where she spent the night surrounded by four huge dogs that were at least 10 times larger than her, was taxing on her. But now she is home and doing wonderfully.

When we got home though Dancer fell ill. I spent the better half of the day cleaning carpets and the bathroom. At the same time Dad was laying in bed with his own maladies. Next day we all had headaches, no wonder.

A trip to town was also on the agenda for dance class, the library, grocery shopping (you can't really put off buying toilet paper) and birthday shopping. The roads are just so horrible with black ice that by the time we have ventured all the way to town my knuckles are white, my neck is stiff, and I realize I have been holding my breath the whole time. It is not helped by the fact that it seems everyone with a little car is zipping in and out of traffic while talking on their cell phones. I swear some of them have no idea anyone else is on the road. Then you get a little further along and there they are in the ditch. Do you feel bad for them or smile thinking 'did you learn anything there?'

A new dawn has broken and we all seem to be back to our normal. And the sun is shining and the temp outside is actually above 10 degrees. Praise God we don't have those days very often!

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