Friday, January 22, 2010

There are good, honest people in the world

Spark got a letter in the mail today from Grandpa who lives 50 miles away from us. The odd thing was that the writing didn't look familiar. The post mark was from Texarkana AR-TX which must be at least 900 miles from us. Hmmm, the envelope was handwritten but maybe he sent away for something for Spark?

Spark opens it up and inside is an envelope with Grandpa's handwriting on. There is a little post-it note on the front of it that says that the envelope was delivered to someones box in Bivins, Texas, it arrived wet and torn and they live in north east Texas. These people took the time to write out a new envelope, put their own stamp on it and mailed it to Spark. The honest part, there was money in the envelope which they sent as well. Thank you who ever you are!

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Georgie K. Buttons said...

That's really neat. Thanks for sharing that.